The most difficult and unlike thing for me is to say or to write something about my self, even from my struggling days when I was searching for jobs I was rejected multiple times by interviewers because of their first question “Tell me about yourself?”

But now, through this website I’ll try to write some words about me especially for those who’s watching me or hearing me on YouTube from a long time. They truly deserves to know a bit about that person they are spending their precious time to watching him and trusting him is worth it or not.

Hello I’m Sahil, May be most of you guys know me as Technical Sahil on YouTube

Today By God’s Grace, I’m the founder of Hostrigger & Mailracle and running several other things online. I will not say like most of the hustlers says after reaching a certain heights in their respective fields(even I’ve not reaching any height yet) the journey was very difficult I’ve done a lot of hard work to achieve anything now I’m successful or unsuccessful. I will only say this the secret of getting success on any of your respective fields is that, there’s no secret. We all have a naps, saw dreams, have to work hard to achieve our dreams. We all do, there is nothing like praising here. Undoubtedly as I said, I’m doing lot of things today running lots of business, from where there I saw any opportunity any work I grabbed it from my both of hands. I’m the type of person who generally not measures success and unsuccess in terms of monetary status(this is not the way to measure success). For me, if I’m happy with what I’m doing I’M SUCCESSFULL. My Business are not winning awards or multi-billion dollar business, even my youtube channel in front of you is not a channel like I’ve millions of following or anything like that. But I’m happy at least whatever I have. Every morning I wake up, I don’t need any third party resources to motivates me. My work motivates me.

After getting almost a half-decade of experience about how things worked online, how an individual without having any much technical knowledge or formal education can earn at least better than the persons who have these, without getting trapped in any kind of online scam. I’ve decided to use and build online platforms which could be helpful for the community.

Have a life long stay with Technical Sahil, always looking forward for your love and support.